Sergei Davydov was born on June 15, 1992 in Togliatti, Russia.


Sergei is playwright, writer and poet holds an MA in Philology (HSE University, Moscow). The author of over 30 productions presented at major venues throughout Russia. He has won multiple important drama competitions in Russia, including Lubimovka, "Culmination: Play of the Year", and "Remarque", among others. He has participated in projects at Gogol Center and Sovremennik Theatre, and his work has been featured at the Studio School of the Moscow Art Theatre, Praktika Theatre, and Electrotheatre.


In 2020, his play "Republic" was named Play of the Year at the “Culmination” competition, and "Tver-Tver" was included in the off-program of the "Golden Mask" National Award. In 2021, "Republic" was specially noted by the Golden Mask expert council as one of the year's most important theatrical events.


In 2018, the first Sergei's book "Total United. Seven plays about youth" was published in Russia.  


In 2023 he left Russia. In the same year, Freedom Letters published Sergei Davydov's debut novel "Springfield" about queer people in pre-war Russia. Various critics called the book "Springfield" "one of the most important texts written in Russian in recent years."

Davydov's plays were shown in Moscow, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, London, Belgrade, Berlin, Tbilisi and other cities.